Record Voter Engagement Leads to Historic Marijuana Legalization

Affiliate: ACLU of Nevada
November 9, 2016 2:45 pm

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The ACLU of Nevada was proud to oversee the non-partisan Election Protection effort in Nevada again in 2016 because the right to vote is fundamental for the functioning of our democracy. The number of legal professionals who volunteered to protect the vote in Nevada this year was double the number from 2012, a testament to the importance of ensuring voter participation and access to the polls.

“Unprecedented numbers of voters exercised their right to vote this year in Nevada, and we were pleased to ensure the rights of every Nevadan making their voice heard,” said Amy Rose, legal director.

The ACLU of Nevada was proud to support Question 2, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act. Nevadans voted decisively to pass Question 2 and legalize recreational marijuana use. Decriminalizing marijuana use, and regulating it like alcohol, will end systemic biases against people of color being charged at four times the rate as whites for marijuana possession.

“Regulating marijuana the same as alcohol will expand the freedoms of adults in the Silver State to make their own entertainment and consumption choices. The outdated prohibition on personal marijuana use made no sense, but did create an unequal system that resulted in more people of color being arrested and jailed at four times the rate of white people who committed the same crime,” said Tod Story, executive director. “Nevadans should be proud of what we accomplished today with our record setting voter turnout and clear message that we detest inequality in our justice system and cherish our freedoms.”

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