Cuomo’s AIDS Task Force Report Promotes Civil Rights, Individual Autonomy and Bodily Integrity

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April 29, 2015 2:30 pm

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NEW YORK – Governor Cuomo’s Task Force to End the AIDS Epidemic today released a report calling for statewide protections for New Yorkers who are transgender, comprehensive sex education in public schools, the ability for minors to consent to the HPV vaccine, decriminalizing syringe possession and a comprehensive ban on the ability of law enforcement to use a person having condoms on them as evidence of prostitution — all important measures the New York Civil Liberties Union has long advocated for. In response to the report, the NYCLU issued the following statement, attributable to Executive Director Donna Lieberman:

“The report released today by the governor’s task force only underscores the fact that respecting and promoting civil rights, individual autonomy and bodily integrity leads to better health outcomes for all New Yorkers. Ending the AIDS epidemic cannot happen without ensuring that transgender New Yorkers enjoy the same rights and protections against discrimination as everyone else; without teaching our kids about sex and giving them access to the tools they need to prevent sexually transmitted infections; and that accessing clean syringes and carrying condoms – the most basic safeguards against HIV transmission – does not result in the arrest of vulnerable New Yorkers. Today’s recommendations should be a wakeup call to the State Legislature to act quickly and stand up to improve the lives and health of all New Yorkers.”

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