Contrary to Robo-Calls, ACLU of Maine Does Not Oppose Ranked Choice Voting

Recordings From the Women’s Leadership Fund PAC Are Misleading and Deceptive, Says Group

Affiliate: ACLU of Maine
June 11, 2018 9:45 am

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Portland – The ACLU of Maine today responded to misleading robo-calls paid for by the Women’s Leadership Fund PAC that stated the ACLU is opposing Ranked Choice Voting. The ACLU has not opposed Ranked Choice Voting in Maine or elsewhere.

The recorded call, which was reported to the ACLU of Maine by multiple people, refers to an “ACLU study” on the negative implications of RCV. It goes on to state that the Women’s Leadership Fund “agrees with the ACLU…and others who are opposing Ranked Choice Voting.”

ACLU affiliates are independent organizations and determine their own policy positions on matters in their states. No ACLU affiliates have opposed RCV in their state, and there is no ACLU study on the effects of RCV.

In 2017, the ACLU of Kansas testified that it was neutral on RCV in that state, stating that it supported the goals of RCV but flagging some statistics from the implementation of RCV in Minneapolis.

That same year, the ACLU of Maine supported the effort to get the “people’s veto” on the 2018 primary ballot, in order to support the will of the public and ensure RCV will be used in Maine going forward as approved by Maine voters in 2016.

“Statements portraying the ACLU as an opponent of Ranked Choice Voting in Maine are deceptive and should not be believed. Unfortunately, these calls seem designed to mislead the voting public on the day before the primary election,” said Alison Beyea, executive director of the ACLU of Maine.

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