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The Overcriminalization of America

June 23, 2022

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Over the last few weeks, a surge of texts and phone calls have gone out from local politicians. Most of them focus on one issue: crime. Worried about the rising crime? Want to keep you and your family safe? Vote for me. I’ll make sure to fund the police and get the riffraff off our streets, direct quote. Crime is being used as a wedge issue this midterm season, and candidates are stoking fears in hopes to mount a meaningful backlash to recent progress in both policing and criminal legal reform. At the same time, state and national leaders are hard at work seeking to criminalize access to healthcare for trans and pregnant folks. This interest in criminalizing new behaviors while holding the line on age old crime and punishment tactics is a worrying trend.

Joining us today to discuss is Somil Trivedi, senior staff attorney for the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project. Loyal listeners of At Liberty will remember Somil from his time guest hosting earlier this year.

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