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It’s a Law Thing

Adriana Zea,
Lima, Peru
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October 7, 2011

You shouldn’t be scared…
Nor ashamed
Nor embarrassed
If he harasses you, stalks you, threatens you, touches you, hits you, forces you…
It’s not shame on you, but shame on him.
So stand up. Break the silence.
Habla! Parla! Parles! Speak up!
Your school will help you. And you are in your right to ask for it.
It’s not just a matter of ethics – it’s also a law thing.

And don’t let anyone
Make you believe
That it’s a minor thing
Because it’s not

Google “Title IX”
Find out
Break the silence
Ask for help
Exercise your rights
Call for justice

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and this week the ACLU in conjunction with some of our youth clients and V-Girls, a global network of youth activists and advocates empowering themselves and one another to create the change they imagine for the world, is presenting a blog series. “Your School Your Rights — Ending Sexual Violence” is designed to highlight the many voices impacted by sexual violence and harassment in schools and the tools students, teachers and parents can use to fight back. The girls, expressing themselves in both poetry and prose, underscore the fact that kids have a RIGHT to be protected against gender-based violence in schools.

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