Profile of Samuel & Joshua Ody

Document Date: December 15, 2003

Profile of Samuel & Joshua Ody

Samuel & Joshua Ody, are brothers who both attend Stratford High School. Samuel, age 17, is a 12th grader who was handcuffed in the cafeteria and brought into the main hallway of the school where Principal McCrackin thoroughly searched his person, shoes, and wallet. Police also searched the contents of Samuel's book bag. Samuel continues to ""feel uneasy"" at school since the raid happened in early-November. He feels that school officials are ""trying to find him doing something wrong,"" and that that he was being treated as if he had ""less rights than other students.""

When Principal McCrackin found $100 in Samuel's wallet and asked him where he had gotten so much money, Samuel replied that he works 18 hours a week and just cashed his paycheck.

""I was made to feel like criminal even though I didn't do anything, and in front of everyone else too. I was just going to school, not selling or doing any drugs. I think about what happened every time I go into the lunchroom now,"" said Samuel.

Joshua, age 16, is an 11th grader who was also involved in the raid at Stratford High School. He was shoved by police officers rushing down the stairs where he was standing on the morning of the raid. When Joshua turned to see who had shoved him, he was confronted by a police officer with a gun pointed directly at him. He dropped to the ground and remained laying on his stomach for the duration of the hour-long raid. In addition to fearing the gun pointed at him, Joshua is upset about the way in which the police officers handled the raid. Joshua feels unfairly involved in the raid, because he has never used drugs or been suspected of drug involvement before.

""I felt like I had less rights than other people that day. It's not fair,"" said Joshua.

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