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Greg Tubach & Bil Roby


One day Greg, 49, and Bil, 57, met while playing a game of pool in Lincoln. 28 years and several arguments over who will shovel the snow later, the couple is still together and living in Lincoln. They have said that when they get married, they will do it in the state they love and have called home for most of their lives.

Greg works from home and has been with his company for almost two decades. Bil works for the State of Nebraska.

Greg was born and raised in Lincoln. Bil moved here as a young boy. After the couple met, they moved to College Station, Texas, while Greg was in graduate school at Texas A&M University, later moved to Indiana for two years, and moved back to Lincoln in 2001 to support the family when Greg’s dad was dying from cancer.

Greg’s mom is currently in an assisted living home in Lincoln. She lights up when Bil comes with Greg to help her and visit. Bil also has a nephew and a niece in Lincoln who, according to Bil and Greg, “are like our kids.”

Being by each other’s side as their parents have had medical issues and passed away has been one of the most meaningful parts of their relationship. They don’t think about their love for and commitment to each other in terms of momentous occasions, but rather spending time with each other by the fire pit at night or helping each other with chores. For over a decade they’ve owned a lake cabin outside of Lincoln where they go over the summers. They enjoy knowing all of the other families that get together at the lake.

They have done their best to plan for each other through wills and powers of attorney documents – all things they wouldn’t need if they could get married in Nebraska—but know that this only provides them a fraction of the protections that come with marriage.

“In the evenings when we look over at each other and know we are there for the other that is when we know we are right for each other.” — Bil and Greg